Our Sustainability Strategy

“By acting ethically and responsibly and supporting the needs of our investors, governments, employees and others, we have been able to build lasting relationships with all stakeholders and make positive contributions to the communities in which we operate.”

- Peter Akerley, President and CEO

Erdene’s goal is to create value for its stakeholders through the discovery and development of world-class resource projects in highly prospective and under explored Mongolia.

Sustainability for Erdene is about the economic, social, and environmental value the company delivers, both today and in the future.

The Erdene Way consists of three core elements of risk management and value creation:

  1. Excellence - enable operational excellence and safety.
    Erdene avoids and minimizes the potential environmental impacts of its business operations.
  2. Shared benefits - create value through economic, environmental, and social opportunities.
    Erdene works with its stakeholders to make positive contributions to local economic development.
  3. Good governance - maintain a culture of integrity and engage stakeholders transparently.
    Erdene operates its business according to good governance practices and principles of ethical conduct.

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